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We’re Doomed, Tragically Flawed, and Vulnerable, So What

The Dwindling Resource

What we do today matters because we affect change in others, in ourselves, and in the world around us. Yet there will come a day for each and every one of us when there is no tomorrow. Life is defined by its precious nature, and time is our most scarce resource. Our days are numbered, and ever dwindling. So what!


We finally really did it

We finally succeeded as a culture at breaking down communication and human attention into fragmented gibberish. The product of billions of bite sized messages is a grand sucking sound of our cognitive ability swirling down the drain. Quiet contemplation has been ousted by mass consumption, gossip mongering, and trivial conjecture1.


Freedom is one dream shared among many

It is a state of mind and being. Like energy it is neither created nor destroyed, instead it moves from one life to another. A prisoner can live free and a world leader can be trapped by circumstance. Freedom cannot be granted, it cannot be purchased, nor can it be exchanged, it must be realized and practiced.


The Ephemeral Kiss of Fame

Fame is a seductive mistress, even a small taste brings us begging back for more. Merely being well known among a few social circles is emotionally satisfying, yet there is an archetype that craves attention above all else.


Everything’s easy until you have to do it

It looked trivial in the beginning, everything does before you actually begin work. You pragmatically promised a cautious feature set, fitting the work to the project timeline and costs. I wish it was the norm, but it’s rare to see a hungry builder walk away from an underfunded project.


The long kiss


No small thing is taken for granted, after anguish we marvel at what was assumed and invisible. Never underestimate the clarity and focus of pain.


Your finest work

Last night while poking through my feed reader I happened upon Cranking by Merlin Mann. I discovered Merlin’s work through twitter a couple of years ago, where he immediately became “that guy who tweets like a poetic gunslinger”.