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The Old Kingdom

The old kingdom is a pattern of centralized information, command, and control. Businesses, governments, and even the very fabric of the web (more on this in a moment) are composed of gatekeepers and those seeking access. Our attention and labor has been aggregated, funneled and taxed by those in power for generations. The truth of this pattern is as old as civilization, as old as human culture. We are a society of unwitting drones.


The wiggle in world economies plays a critical role in value estimation

Harsh economic conditions instruct our sense of value

After reading Mark Suster’s guest post on TechCrunch (here’s the same post on his blog), I was reminded about the necessity for economic fluctuations. If economic activity only went one way (grew or contracted smoothly) there would be no secondary effects to observe. In other words, we would never know if values (or valuations for companies) were relatively or absolutely reasonable. The variation of economic conditions plays a critical role in the estimator that continual informs our sense of value.


The pattern of humanity is renewed in the unreal

Imagination’s Journey

Each time we crack open a new book, hop online, or watch a noteworthy film, we cast our attention’s sail wide to catch the winds of imagination. The experience begins grounded squarely in reality, yet after only a few moments of concentration the spell is cast, and we travel to distant worlds that exist only in the ethereal place between dreams.


Circuits, Shortest Paths, and Capitalism

Shortest Paths

A few weeks back I mentioned a well known resource minimization problem called the Traveling Salesman, and a far out “solution” to an analogous problem (scavenging) leveraging life. Graph theory is an area rich in algorithms which are designed to yield optimal, or more often good enough answers to problems which can’t be computed exhaustively1. In this morning’s riff I’ll explore similarities between shortest paths, current flow and capitalism and hopefully learn a little in the process.


The long kiss


No small thing is taken for granted, after anguish we marvel at what was assumed and invisible. Never underestimate the clarity and focus of pain.