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Crunch Time, Time Management Crash Course

The same situation presents itself to Calculus students before the monster final, data scientists before giving the company saving presentation, and yes even Olympic Curlers1. Crunch time is characterized by high stress, little time, limited opportunity and it demands the highest possible performance. It’s times like these that folks find themselves in situations that sound impossible, yet it’s precisely these moments where we can learn the most effective time and information management skills. (more…)

Mobility may be Marvelous but Ubiquitous Access is Disruptive

This morning’s riff targets the opportunity of liberating activities that were once shackled to desktops and laptops by making them accessible anywhere. The massive shift to mobile is but one small step along the long road to ubiquitous access. By no means are mobile apps and phones the end form of access, instead they are a taste of what’s to come1.


Ceremony courting Chaos, approaches to problem solving

Do you prefer to approach a new task with an ordained structure and deeply ingrained formalism, or do you instead have a burning need to get your hands dirty to feel out the raw nature of a unique challenge? Our proclivity towards one methodology or the other exposes much more than personal taste, it reveals the heart of our learning and decision making abilities1. Choosing the right design method means the difference between success and failure. There’s no strict decision boundary on when it’s in our best interest to embrace one philosophy over the other. We have only our instincts, knowledge and wisdom to guide us. This morning’s post will cover experiential criteria which will reveal how best to tune one’s approach to life’s never ending supply of novel problems.


The Sanctity of Sleep

Cloaked deeply within the time-hallowed vestiges of labor, bathed in the daily rigors of life, there is little preparation which yields greater benefit than adequate rest. As the astute reader may have already guessed, this topic is near and dear to my current state of bleary eyed existence. The culprit that instigated my sad situation was a tasty 24oz J&R steakhouse double cut that I just “had to finish”. If only I was marginally as dedicated towards more noble pursuits, like transitioning a side project into a primary mission, saving rain forests, combating global warming, or feeding the hungry (hmm). ¬†With little regret, my role as gluttonous dreamer is self selected as I’m born again* each morning.


Death by To Do lists

This is a guilty admission of not following my own advice from an earlier post cautioning against never ending task lists. I’ve been lax with ruthlessly culling my inbound over the past few months and have started to pile up a backlog of interesting tasks, tutorials, books, web docs and side projects. I’ll start by rattling off my “active” reading list, which has done nothing but grow since last year and doesn’t include the web news and blog posts I read daily.


Never yield when you’re inches from the finish

It’s easy to give up. It’s human to quit in the face of unimaginable challenge. Reason warns us of the risk and cost of crossing the finish line, begging us to quit. I’m not going to sugar coat the effort, dedication, and sacrifice that is demanded by a decision to succeed. I have witnessed the price of mastery, and it is horrifyingly beautiful.