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Turn the lights down on 2010

The past few new years have been pretty low key for me at home, sound asleep by midnight. This year we plan on visiting a small gathering and house warming at a friend’s. As with every preceding year, this one has definitely felt the quickest. In a few years I’ll blink and a year will elapse.


Celebrity or Pro Chops, Pick One

While tracing the perimeter of the mall I failed to filter out an American Idol segment repeating ad naseum. The hosts were shouting to an ecstatic crowd about the prospect of becoming instantly famous. One young woman states, “this is the most important day of my life”. A mother screams about the perceived success of her child, “my baby made it!” Did they really?


The Rise of Net Nations and Political Mobility

I’ve often wondered why I’m subject to the higher taxes of social democrats, while also forced to obey the restricted individual rights of conservative republicans. It is the product of a forced convergence of basic rights, local law, and philosophical/behavioral legislation which I believe can be decoupled.