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Failing faster, Life waits for no founder’s triumph

Alas poor Yorick!, I knew him Horatio
You put everything you have into building a prototype. You put everything you have into marketing that symbol. You put everything into finding kindred spirits who share your passion for building solutions. But your first product falls on deaf ears. All that enthusiasm hits a wall of apathy, and your team gets its first bitter taste of failure. (more…)

Profiting from Anti Facebook Sentiment

Four young coders are tapping into public resentment of centralized social web services with Diaspora, a distributed social tool they plan to hack out this summer.


Social Tagging for a Social Browser

In the quest to design a social reader thats fun and useful, Tyler and I have previously leaned heavily on semantic entity extraction from web feeds. While useful, entity matching APIs are lossy, noisy, and can become expensive very quickly (many thousands of dollars per month). It is our belief that between the creators and curators of content there is more than enough “human intelligence” out there to categorize media. In nearly all instances a knowledgable reader is capable of more precisely tagging content.


How do you define and capture relevance across the web?

The breadcrumbs were eaten

In the previous incarnation of (in development, formerly you could see what your friends (or a lists) main topics discussed were in a moment by typing in the URL /users/twitterusername. Now with the expansion of potential information streams being “the web”, there’s no guarantee or meaning in /users/victusfate being me (unless I claim that identity on our site). We’ve had to rethink the way we handle flowing information, and how best to connect that to a user identity.