Rails 3.1beta deployed to Heroku from your iPhone

The tools:

  1. Local shell, LogMeIn or an ssh shell to a terminal system on your phone/tablet
  2. a system with git and heroku (I haven’t tried installing these on my phone)
  3. Internet
  4. DropBox and DropText for easy mobile editing. Alternatively you could use github as a web editing/auto-commiting platform

The commands

Begin in your DropBox project hidey hole directory.

Part 1

Intermission, theRubyRacer

For Heroku we’ll need to add pg and theRubyRacer gem. We only need them for production (can use conditional requires), but this will work.

Part 2

That’s it, the app is live at. You can see it here: http://phoneHome.heroku.com/links.

Lessons learned:

  • LogMeIn over Simons mall wifi is painful. Stopping at the Apple store helped figure out some issues (I forgot rubyracer initially).
  • DropText helped edit files. Remember to add editable file types with no extension like Gemfile.
  • iPhones can deploy web servers. But it’s still far from ideal. I could use a wonderful shell app for ssh terminaling home. I should be able to find one without too much trouble.

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