The Best Things in Life are Free, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

another gorgeous HDR shot by Trey Ratcliff, be sure to check out

  • Share your time with loved ones

    Friends and family really make this time of year wonderful. A number of courageous men and women are over seas (soldiers), and many others are travelling far from home. To those good folks, I humbly suggest holding your loved ones in your mind and heart. Cherish the true bonds we share with each other. These connections aren’t impeded by great distances or times. To all the kind people who have blessed my life with good will, you are always with me.

  • has a bunch of free mp3 downloads

    Thanks to Dauntless from Hacker News for this link.

  • Free Schwag from Amazon

    Let’s open some presents! A great way to start off this week before New Years is to dig into the massive amount of free music on Amazon.

  • Free podcasts from iTunes

    If you’re like myself one set of 1300 free songs isn’t going to be enough. Explore free podcasts to wet your appetite for music. A good friend at work (thanks Julian) recently pointed me to some incredible Drum and Bass (search for the podcast Drum and Bass Arena), and sick dub music (search for dub music podcasts) as well

  • Free books, that’s right FREE eBOOKS!

    Get the Kindle for PC and start sucking in all the free books there are out there. There are many other places to find free books, and I’ve put together the ultimate free ebook list at

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