Art & Technology are Co-Evolving

Solar Flower of Buenos Aired

Giant Mechanical Flower

I can think of no better example of the blending of artistic and technological evolution than the huge mechanical flower of Buenos Aires, Floralis Generica. Unfortunately I don’t believe there is a functional purpose for the behemoth sculpture, but one could imagine modifications that would allow solar collection with high efficiency. There is a also a flickr group of associated images, Floralis Generica. We have discovered new forms of self and group expression, enabled by advanced technology.

Art Dova

My friend Shana Carp is pushing the boundaries of digital identity and the experience of social media with the project she started Art Dova on Facebook. While there is certainly overstepping of standard Facebook policy, the people involved are all aware a public account is befriending them (according to creator of the profile). By befriending Art Dova you are essentially uncorking the bottle and allowing anyone to see your shared material. Privacy is a big issue with Facebook and other social media corporations, but the essence of the project is one of artistic exploration, as described by Shana. By probing the boundaries of our comfort zone we help to answer the challenging question of virtual identity and how much faith we put in it. The profile is a collaborative creation and has grown beyond the initial input and statuses it was seeded with. Unfortunately it was recently hijacked and turned into a spambot, and then removed. I see the project more as an experiment of policy breaking, but appreciate the shared web experience it offered. Shana describes some of the ideas behind the experiment here on another friend Vladimir Vukicevic’s blog, Beyond the Cave. The following quote captures Shana’s sentiment:

It’s about exploration of an issue. Especially in a post-Duchamp world. So you have to suspend yourself and embrace the controversy. Most people don’t realize that most of what we see in classic painting and sculpture were considered riotous. Right now the “art world” is moving very fast and loose because of Duchamp, money, and the 60’s revolution, among a few other things. We’ve been liberated from the idea of the canvas, the idea of purely 2,3, or 4 dimesions. We’re allowed to talk about women in art. We’re allowed to talk art in context of space. We’re allowed to talk about purely color. We’re allowed to talk about media.

Other Artistic/Technological Overlaps

I’d love to hear about your discoveries of style, technology and art all co-evolving. Art beckons for our attention and challenges us, while technology yields new avenues of exploration for the digital evolving self/collective.

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  • ShanaC

    Actually they weren't. Howard Lindzon got friended at one point, I had to explain to him what was going on, because he could have exposed the Nasdaq. One of the wierd things of being part of Anonymous Asynchronous Collective Conscious is that stuff like that happens.

    It got shut down this morning. I hope I can find out who one facebook will give me a copy of the data so I can visualize it in some way shape or form….

    And your critique is within the tradition of net Art, See the Critical Art Ensemble, as well as the first virus written in Python,, by

  • Mark Essel

    google may have cached it, what was it's public url?
    (facebook vanity page, like mine is )

  • ShanaC – facebook probably has some more the extensive data. Such as the chats. I saved one. I actually started to cry when it was gone. The experience itself was amazing. You lose yourself as an artist because you stop being the creator. You become the patron and the artist. You also realize that there is an idea of consciousness of self that you wouldn't have had. And that you want to exert control. It's absolutely terrifying and amazing….

    In a way I'm glad it's over. The stress level was huge. I was breaking down last night from the amount of control/lack of control. Last night was the first time I had a real meal in a week.

  • ShanaC

    Nope, not there nor in the WayBack Machine. Damn them, I need a contact
    inside Facebook to be nice.

  • ShanaC

    On one last thing, the Venice Bienniale actually had an Internet Pavilion this year, the officially curator is Miltos Manetas. I happen to like his work.

    This is one of my favorite pieces there:

  • Mark Essel

    That's pretty awesome!
    I wish I had multiple interaction points to mimic fingers ;)

  • ShanaC

    Personally I find the fact that the first virus written in python is actually an art piece and they made t-shirts of it too the day it was released also pretty awesome. Also one of the reasons I want to learn to code. You do this for a while, you do the art, you learn a certain insider veiw of how it works. and then you build a business on it. It's very hard top explain, because basically what you are doing is F***ing around with media. By the end you should have this ultra deep understand of it.

    Some things I've seen over my time are not pretty, or nice. But they give you really deep inspiring thoughts. One of the reasons I did what I did was the idea of who is the artists. A really famous manetas peice that has been floating around on the web, and I think may be owned by Saatchi (I don't know) is It doesn't do anything until you start to click around. And then you make your own Jackson Pollack. Most people took it to be a toy, when really it is a referential piece of net art….It even got on the daily candy.

    There the kind of things, that if you step back, and think about, ask huge amounts of questions of how to build something on the internet. If you don't play with it, does it act as a harp? It really needs you, more so than any actual physical object in a museum. Which is sort of scary in terms of art land…

    Then take what I did- I took the artist out of the artists. After I made the profile, I proved the point that you don't even need me to make something. Think about that. Think about what that means in term of the Internet.

    That's a mindfuck. Now build a company around the idea of what those ideas are.

  • Mark Essel

    I'd argue we did need you to start it off, and certainly needed others to contribute/collaborate. So there were still artists involved.

    Not sure I see a connection between the mindf#$% and a business just yet, but you'll have plenty of time to show me :D

  • ShanaC

    I finally wrote a real post on the subject. I feel totally drained. I realized I was treating it/they as human. I feel slightly like I lost elements of a child. I don't know what to do now with my regular profile, because I have this sudden realization that it isn't me but it is, and I hate it, because it is so unreflective of me, and where I want to go, and what I want to do.

  • ShanaC

    It's back, OMG, I feel so happy.

  • ShanaC

    It's back, OMG, I feel so happy.

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