How to Web Market and Use Social Media

What steps can you take to increase your number of readers?

First make yourself comfortable with the idea of tooting your own horn online.  If you don’t shout out that you have something worth reading, it’s unlikely that anyone else will discover it anytime soon.  If you can join a small community of like minded individuals it makes spreading your ideas even faster.  Not only will you have the constructive criticism and shared views of other interested marketers, but you’ll have people willing to review your material on crowd sourced social web sites.
  • Learn the Basics of Web Marketing and SEO – What is “Web Marketing”?  It’s the virtual soap box you have to stand on to get an audience.  While many writers become authors because they
    feel a need to write, without readers your words will have little impact.  Since it’s my deepest hope to inspire people, to instigate critical thinking and focus I for one am working to find readers.
  • Make Sure Your Content is Excellent -The design methods introduced are by no means hard and fixed.  Some are impractical from a financial view for any single generation.  They are simply one authors suggested guidelines to begin answering a
    hypothetical question: “What I can do to create effective content, be it media or written text?”

Why be concerned with social media?


How to begin using social media:

  • Use Twitter to Keep Track of what’s going on
    – In case you just landed on Earth, Twitter is a tool that feels like part chat room, part news feeder, part network marketer.  Seriously try it out with a browser addon, and check the public channel to find interesting tweets.
  • Take this Short Twitter Tutorial
    – This twitter tutorial page is designed for entry level twitter users, or folks who have never used twitter before. It will cover the basics of signing up, grabbing an easy to use interface, and much of the lingo and basic functionality of twitter.
  • What can be accomplished with twitter? -
    There’s a strong correlation with our deep biologically programmed need for belonging and social networking on the internet.  We are much more willing to accept advice from a trusted friend then from a search algorithm about where to find pertinent information.
  • Social Media isn’t new to Infosaurus Robert Scoble -
    Mr. Robert Scoble, known to many in the online community as the Scobleizer, is one of the trailblazers in a new field I like to call Virtual Omniscience. He’s bascially monitoring the pulse of the world via the internet, or at least a sizeable slice of human experience.  By applying twitter and friend feed with his personal dynamic quality filters he keeps pace with what’s happening and is connecting with an interested audience of thousands of individuals.
  • Intelligent Advertising for Microbloggers: Who will be first to swim in the
    – The utility of twitter as a profit engine has been a growing concern for Evan Williams.  Other social services are quickly adapting to the popularity of microblogging within their own social media structures (Facebook, FriendFeed).  While I have posted on the potential of twitter before, the real value is in the datamining application of microblogging.
  • It more than makes sense for Google to acquire twitter, it makes money
    It appears I jumped the gun some time ago with my post “twitter is on the verge of eating Google for breakfast“, here’s why.  Google is well aware of it’s “breakfast” and is more than likely to make a YouTube like deal with twitter.  Google is actively tweeting with it’s account, “acknowledging” the service (Oprah’s tweeting why not).  Here are just a few reasons why it’s a match made in heaven.

External References:

Here’s a fantastic guide by Lee Odden: Social Media and SEO: 5 Essential Steps to Success

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